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Liquid Paint Remove

Liquid paint remover is the most popular method of removing coating’s from substrates affected by graffiti for although it is slow to complete the task, often requiring more than one application, this method avoids damage and provides a clean surface for recoating if carriedout carefully.

REMEMBER: Read manufacturers instructions before commencing to use a product like liquid paint remover.

• Ingredients

Most liquid paint removers have two main ingredients:

» a thick liquidwhich is based on cellulose; and

» a strong solvent, usually Methylene Chloride.

• Applying Liquid Paint Remover

Liquid paint removers are best applied by brush. Use an old brush as the bristles will be permanently damaged after use in the liquid paint remover.

» The paint remover is brushed in a thick layer over the surface to be stripped.

» After a time the coating will wrinkle or bubble and become separated ‘from the surface.

» When this occurs, the coating and the paint remover is scraped off the surface with a stripping knife.

» Scrape loose paint and paint remover ‘back to a sound surface’.

» Take care not to damage the surface by digging the knife into it.

» The coating should be scraped off, in the direction of the grain, to avoid damage to the timber.

Dispose ofscrapings immediately into a metal container or thick paper, avoid splashes or damage to surrounds.

Very thick coatings may require more than one application of paint remover to gain a satisfactory result.

Remove all traces of liquid paint remover by washing with methylated spirits or cold water immediately and allow to dry before sanding.


• Select non caustic type paint removers to avoid staining of the timber and damage to veneers and joints.

• Some brands of paint remover use waxinstead of cellulose.

• Wax type products will require washing with water and methylated spirits to remove all traces of wax. If this is not done, the wax on the surface may cause slowness of drying or lack of adhesion of the following coatings.

• Do not over brush the paint remover, this would cause the solvent to evaporate instead of it penetrating the coating.

• Do not leave the lid off a container of paint remover. While the lid is off, the solvent will evaporate.

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