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#PaintingServicesSydney, What are Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)?

MSDS’s, are a convenient, standard form of providing a basic set of occupational health and safety information. It is important to know this information for all the paints, coatings and other chemical products or substances being worked with.

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How do you get an MSDS?

• Employers should obtain the appropriate MSDS from the supplier before the job starts. If the supplier cannot provide a conforming MSDS, then a supplier should be found who can.

• An MSDS will be required for each paint, coating and chemical product being worked with.

• Ensure that the MSDS obtained from the supplier conforms to minimum requirements of State legislation.

When does an MSDS not conform?

• When there are blanks under headings.

• When the format (the headings and order of headings) is not the same as legislated.

• When the.MSDS states “Confidential” or “Confidential- not to be copied”. MSDS’s ARE NOT CONFIDENTIAL!

• When the MSDS uses terms and abbreviations which don’t make sense.

• When the MSDS is an overseas MSDS, referring to overseas addresses, regulations, and standards. An Australian MSDS is required for Australian details.

• When the MSDS is more than five years old, or has been revised by the manufacturer.

Points to remember about obtaining MSDS’s:

• Always insist on being provided with an MSDS that conforms to the minimum requirements of State legislation.

• Don’t use or handle paints, coatings and other chemical products unless quick and easy access to a conforming MSDS is available.

• Always check the MSDS before using the product to ascertain if it is safe to use, and how to use it safely.

• MSDS’s are not confidential. All painters and painting contractors need MSDS’s. Employers should get MSDS’s from their .suppliers, and if they cannot provide a conforming MSDS, a supplier should be found who gives this service to its customers.

• MSDS’s should be written so that they are clearly understood. A conforming MSDS should not contain jargon that is difficult to understand.

Points to remember about the identification section of an MSDS:

  • Company Details

An Australian MSDS is imperative for Australian information and condition. The Company Details should be Australian.

  • Product Name

Always ensure the correct MSDS has been supplied. The Product Name should be the same as the name on the label.

  • Dangerous Goods Class

This is the first warning that the product may have a fire or explosion hazard.

  • Ingredients

Each worker is entitled to know what chemicals he or she is working with. The Ingredients will assist in knowing if the product contains substances which can cause health problems, e.g. an asthma agent; allergic contact dermatitis agent, cancer hazard, or a “Painters‘ Syndrome” hazard. Being aware of the Ingredients will assist in the choice of safer, alternative products.



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