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Reasons to apply paint are:


To protect surfaces, (substrates), from damage and the effects of the weather.


To provide colour and texture to surfaces, resulting in pleasant living and working


Paint and colour highlight and identify specific areas and surfaces in industrial applications, e.g. safety, advertising, signage.


To ensure surfaces in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Hospitals, and Food Preparation facilities are, for health reasons, easy to clean. Unpainted surfaces are difficult to clean and can lead to hygiene problems.

There are numerous products available from paint manufacturer, all designed and formulated for a specific task –

  • Primers
  • Sealers
  • Undercoats
  • Finishing coats


The first coat, provides a platform to be built upon, and stabilises the substrate, providing adhesion, and reduces porosity.


These are similar to Primers, and provide adhesion to the preceding coat (“tooth”), and also provide adhesion to the finish coat (“key”). Undercoats are an integral part of the coating system and necessary to avoid coating failure. ‘

Finishing coats:

Finish coats provide the protective and decorative qualities required to enable the coating system to perform in its specific environment. They provide colour, gloss level, and Paint system – A sequenced combination of the above, to form a protective barrier and should comply with manufacturer’s product specifications.

Product selection

As with Primers and Undercoats, there are numerous Finishing Coats available, which have been formulated to perform a specific task in a wide range of colours.

Most commonly used products are:-

• Acrylic paints (water-based), in Low Sheen, Semi Gloss, or Gloss finish.

• Enamel paints (oil-based), in Full Gloss finish

The question is, what product should be used as a finish over a particular substrate?


Substrates                                                                                                      Applied Finish


Unpainted concrete & masonry                                                                       Acrylic paint system


Unpainted timber                                                                                    Oil-based primer, Acrylic paint system


Previously painted                                                                                  Oil-based primer, Acrylic paint system

If presently finished in an Acrylic paint, repaint in Acrylic paint, system. If presently finished in Gloss Enamel, or suspected Gloss Enamel, apply an Undercoat prior to finishing. (Preferably select an Acrylic paint system for finishing).

Colorbond finishes Abrade/scuff, using scouring pad or very fine sandpaper no coarser than 240grit, and apply Acrylic paint system.

In addition to being aware of basic paint product types and product selection, it is very important to understand how paint is formulated to provide a product suitable for a vast range of uses.

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