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Liquid Paint Remover Liquid paint remover is a highly dangerous material. Protect your eyes, skin and work in good ventilation. Protect all surrounding surfaces.


» Smoking should be prohibited in the work area.

» Protective clothing, including gloves and eye protection should be worn.

». Paint remover splashed on the skin should be immediately removed by thoroughly washing with cold water and soap.

» Protect adjacent surfaces from damage. Walls, floors, fittings and bench tops will be damaged if not protected from clean and used paint remover.

» Do not use hot water to wash off traces of paint remover. If hot water is’ used, the resulting steam would be highly toxic.

» Provide adequate ventilation when using paint removers.

» Dispose of used paint remover and old coatings in an acceptable manner, for example sealed containers or firmly wrapped.

» Take care when opening a can of paint remover. Methylene Chloride produces a vapour which can create pressures within the container and may spurt out when the lid is removed. Place a cloth over the lid and unscrew facing the opening away from yourself.

REMEMBER: Liquid paint remover is a highly dangerous material.


Protective Coatings

Paint is a pigmented liquid material, consisting of four basic ingredients:

  • Binder (resin)
  • Pigment (colour)
  • Thinner
  • Drier Thinner

The functions of these ingredients are as follows:

The Function of a Binder is to:

• Change the paint from a liquid coating to a dry film

• Provide gloss

• Cause the coating to adhere to the surface

• Give elasticity to the film

• Provide resistance to the weather, chemicals and abrasion

• Bind the pigment particles together

• Hold the pigment in suspension

The Function of a Pigment is to:

• Provide colour

• Help the binder to protect the surface

• Provide opacity or hiding power to the paint

• Control the gloss level of the paint

The Function of a Solvent/Thinner is to:

• Make the paint liquid enough to be easily and evenly applied

• Help wet the surface

• Help control the drying time

• Evaporate and begin the drying process

• Assist the binder to flow out evenly.

The Function-of a Drier is:

• -Assist the drying process.

Liquid driers are added to oil-based paints to absorb oxygen into the coating.

Paint is applied to a substrate, at a predetermined wet thickness, which dries to form a solid film.



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