At least 75 millionaires are paying less tax than you — in fact, they’re not paying any tax at all Apr 9, 2015 Author Port Macquarie Painters: bloomin
Pay your taxes

#Painting & Decorating-  According to the Australian Tax Office, 75 Australians made more than $1 million in 2011-12 and paid zero tax — none.1 And they spent an average of $850,000 on aggressive tax avoidance, which they then got to claim as — you guessed it — a tax deduction!2

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#Painters Sydney How to Remove Paint Stains From Clothes and Fabrics Apr 8, 2015 Author Port Macquarie Painters: bloomin
paint stains

#HousePaintersSydney, Dripping paint on your clothes or on other fabrics doesn’t have to ruin the items. Most paint stains can be removed from clothes and other items such as drapes, blankets, and upholstery. Here is how you can remove paint stains that are both oil-based and water-based.      

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#Painters North Shore – Roller Application Jan 13, 2015 Author Port Macquarie Painters: bloomin
roller paint

#Commercial Painting Roller Application: Rollers come in a range of sizes, a range of nap (fabric) lengths, ‘and fabric types, generically synthetic or wool. The size, (width), of roller is usually dictated by the area to be painted. The type of nap is usually dictated by the substrate – • long nap for rough substrates • short nap […]

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#Painters Hornsby – Safety Precautions and Personal Protection When Using Spray Equipment Dec 18, 2014 Author Port Macquarie Painters: bloomin
spray paint

#Commercial Painters Sydney Safety Precautions: Spray Painting, 1. Never point the gun at anyone. 2. Never place the gun tip in contact with your body, or place hands or fingers on the tip, whether pressurised or unpressurised.   3. Always shut off the power and relieve. the fluid pressure before repairing the equipment, or attempting to remove […]

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#ResidentialPaintersSydney – Workplace Health and Safety – Hazardous Substances Part 6 Nov 19, 2014 Author Port Macquarie Painters: bloomin

#HousePaintingSydney Reasons to apply paint are: Protection: To protect surfaces, (substrates), from damage and the effects of the weather. Decoration: To provide colour and texture to surfaces, resulting in pleasant living and working Identification: Paint and colour highlight and identify specific areas and surfaces in industrial applications, e.g. safety, advertising, signage. Cleanliness: To ensure surfaces in […]

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